Tattoo Inspirations for 2018

Recently, tattoos have become more and more popular among millennials; there is research that says almost 40% of millennials have a tattoo. Just look at social media, and you can see how common it is to have one nowadays. It is slowly becoming more acceptable to get an ink art on your body since more people are into it and the connection that it has with crime, prison, or gang activities is in the past.

If you love body modification and you wish to get a new piece in 2018, here are some inspirations that might give you an idea of what to get on your body.

Remember your loved ones

bird tattooBelieve it or not, there is a way that you can keep your loved ones close to you even after their passing. If someone who is important in your life has passed away and happens to be cremated and not buried, it is possible to put their ash in ink that you can use for a tattoo. All you need to do is contact engrave ink to make sure that you can get the best quality ink that will forever connect you to your one beloved person.

Passion in life

mapThough everything in this world is continuously changing, there are some things in life that stay the same no matter what happens. Once you found your passion in life, it will forever have a special place in your heart. Getting a tattoo that is inspired by what you are most enthusiastic about in life will never go the wrong way.

A word to live by

Often times, a quote, sentence, or any lyric might be too hard to commit to because as you grow older, things will change and you might not be as attached as you used to with a particular composition of words. But sticking with one word that truly speaks to you might be easier. Think of a word that resembles your value in life.

Aesthetic look

The truth is, you do not have to always think of deep a meaning to get a tattoo. Not every piece of ink in your body needs profound things that you can explain it. Keep in mind that it is okay to get something just because you like how it looks on you. Aesthetic purpose is just as acceptable as any other because at the end of the day you are the one who gets to choose what to do with your body.