Top 10 Best Mattress

Choosing the right mattress is helpful as it guarantees you a good sleep. Bearing in mind that many people spend one-third of their lives in bed, it is almost not astonishing that mattresses have a significant impact on our health. There are many types of mattresses and each having their advantages. Best Mattress Protectors Guide will help you select the best mattress protector. Below are top 10 best mattresses for you:


The inner spring mattresses

spring mattressesThese mattresses are the most popular as they have been on the market for several years. They come in various styles and different features. The price of the innerspring mattress depends on the size and number of the coils as well as type and amount of padding. The stitching and fabric used is also a factor. They have different firmness level thus have a tendency of retaining less body heat. These mattresses are less durable but prone to sagging compared to other mattresses. An example of inner spring mattress is Sealy Posturepedic.

Memory foam mattresses

They are made from Visco flexible foam which is a variety of foam that shapes itself to the body. Most people love this mattress because of the way it conforms to the lines and curves of the body. The memory foam mattress is good since it reduces movement to transfer to restless people as they sleep. It also traps heat thus providing a cooler sleeping surface to the body. An example of this mattress is Tempur-Pedic mattress.

Latex foam mattresses

These mattresses are made from synthetic or natural rubber. They are prone to sagging than the memory foam mattresses and do not hold much body heat. They resist well to dust and mold. Since natural latex is renewable, these mattresses are very eco-friendly. An example is Lucid Latex 10″.

Best mattress for back pain

These are mattresses best for people with back pain. The person suffering tends to deliver a comparative firmness sleeping experience. Experts say a scale rating of 6 on durability is the best relieving as it gives a perfect support to mold with the spine. An example is the Casper sleep 10-inch mattress.

Air mattresses

An air mattress is quite good while traveling because you can use it then deflate it after use and then pack it into your traveling bag. These are the best type of mattresses when going for holidays or vacations and there are not enough guest rooms. They come in various sizes from queen size to twin beds size. An example is sound asleep dream series mattress.


Tempur-PedicThe Tempur-Pedic is another top brand mattress and homeowners passionately commend it for its comfort and durability. It uses an appropriate mold that conforms to the shape of everyone who sleeps on it. It has a multi- product lining. The mattress also absorbs the weight and body temperature of the user thus providing proper support.