How to Choose Trendy Bowling Apparel

Whereas the bowling game comes with no official dress code, it’s essential that as a participant, you wear something specific, especially during tournaments. Therefore, bowlers are free to choose apparel and other accessories of their choice when they head over to the alley.

Appropriate dressing during the game makes a player safe and comfortable. Read on to discover trendy bowling apparel buying tips to arm yourself with when shopping for the same.

Bowling Shoes

Having the right shoes can improve your game. It’s also one way to ensure that you play safe. Expert bowlers officially recommend that participants wear the right shoes during the game to help them reduce wear and tear on the bowling surface. Compared to regular shoes, bowling shoes should be softer on the floor surface. Besides, when shopping for bowling shoes, please note the following:

  • Bowling shoes are available in different sizes, especially the width.
  • Choose your exact size. Too light shoes could lead to blistering while too loose will affect your balance.
  • Choose shoes with padded collars, padded linings, and cushioned insoles. These will give you support and reduce foot movement within the shoe. They also offer better stability and balance, which leads to better performance.
  • High-performance bowling shoes are available for both right and left-handed bowlers. One shoe has a leather sole for sliding foot during delivery while another shoe has a rubber sole to help with the forward movement and balance.

With the right shoes, you’ll have additional grip during braking, so you don’t go past the bowling lane mark and stay on the smooth, sleek bowling surface.

Bowling shirt

As noted earlier, there is no specific bowling shirt unless you are heading over to a tournament. Even so, it’s advisable to wear a comfortable shirt during playing, as this enables you to perform better. If you are playing to pass the time and have fun, you could work with any shirt that brightens your mood. When shopping for whatever trendy bowling apparel you need, consider the following:

  • Pick a shirt that allows flexible movement of your arms
  • The shirt should be easy, free and comfortable.
  • Should allow for full movement of your arms when you wind or throw the ball

Bowling Bottoms

Just as the shoes and shirt, having the right trouser or short in the bowling alley can improve your performance and ensure that you’re safe. The right bowling trouser or short should not restrict your feet movement. Good bowling requires that you make strides; therefore, choose bottoms that allow flexible movement of your feet to make this easier.

Besides, you should consider having wrist support. While this is not applicable for every bowler, it could help you improve your game.

Importantly, bowling allows a flexible dress code. The shoes might be available at the bowling alley, but it’s also advisable to shop around for what best suits your needs. With the trendy bowling apparel buying tips mentioned in this article, you could be able to choose what works best for you.

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